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Resfusha Thomas

"RT @Trilltrax: I am A PRODUCER. Meaning I produce. Not just sit & compose music. I Am a Audio Engineer, not just mixing. #Trilltrax"


"@Kool_Nerd since your an audio engineer. you got any tips on mastering beats?"

Saudi Arabia Jobs

"System Engineer (for Audio Visual): Riyadh, Ar Riyad - Feel free to call the agency if you hav... "

Stephen Biles

"Are you a good fit for this job? Software Development Engineer- HD Audio in Austin, TX "

Miguelito J

"proud of ya cuz “@iamwhitewave: FINALLY!!!! Tomorrow is the day I am finally a professional audio engineer and no longer a student!!”"

Vina Felker

"Audio Made Easy: (Or How to Be a Sound Engineer Without Really Trying): Audio Made Easy: (Or How to Be a Sound E... "

Brian Wallington

"They can turn Kenny Smith's microphone down• Did the "audio engineer wanted for all-star weekend" ad go unanswered¿"

Rissa Santana

"@BeezOriginality lmao (: that's Goood. I want to be an Audio Engineer . I can Sing but I dnt want to as a career. I want to produce music (:"

Rebecca Murphy ☮

"Maybe il just be an audio engineer"

Dion Tyler

"@allierickard @tommytimms Did Tom tell you he's about to be my audio engineer?"

Ivan Fegundez

"gunna be time to start mastering tomorrow. ah the life of an audio engineer"

Chris Corley

"@NikkiSixx Know of any jobs in LA for a drummer 30yrs exp & audio engineer over 16 yrs exp?"

samantha rankin

"@Pink I like to be an audio engineer but don't have the stuff to do it and not sure what classes to take. Any suggestions?"

Terence S. Manfredi

"I can't engineer........drums.......bass guitar....the gig will sort out such details."

Spacebound Ent

"#PRODUCERS: Need your beats mixed down by a professional audio #engineer? I work with ANY budget, just not NO budget! Let's do #business!"

Laila Gill

"Cypress audio engineer sweetens the sound of a new animal TV series - Orange County Breeze"

marguerite Diaz

"Samsung has also added a host of audio enhancers that will allow your inner audio engineer to come out and play"

Nicel Guerra

"@Pink I'm working in being an :) one of my mentors says women have more finely tuned ears, so there should be more of us!"

Doc Blade

"I seriously need an assistant! If any1 is interested in becoming an audio engineer and workin with NJs top artist hit me up !"

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Ritchard Mcormick

"Bernie Allen Silence (Original Mix) - Bernie Allen is a trained Audio Engineer and producer out of Vancouver Canada... "


"#FF @IsaacTheCarp Besides being a swell guy he's a fantastic drummer,percussionist, producer, audio engineer, touring and session musician!"

Scott Swan

"Audio engineer playing "Boston" in studio during this commercial break. #morethanafeeling"

david morgan

"✍ UK [contract] Support Engineer - Video conferencing (VC) & Audio Visual (AV) at "


"@soundslikeshoe S/O to the Official SHOELACE page. Artist, Writer, Beatmaker, Cook, BBoy, audio engineer, and goat herder."