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"Every Adobe engineer who worked on Flash, which makes it impossible to Deny/Allow this dialog box, should be ashamed. "


"@Engineer_M_E 😱 that is huge. That's like the whole cereal box lol"

Pete Kinser

"RT @counternotions: Every Adobe engineer who worked on Flash, which makes it impossible to Deny/Allow this dialog box, should be ashamed. "

Bill Bell at NCSA

"From jet engines to the human voice box? "

Jobs4me San Diego

"[Adecco Staffing Services] Job: BLACK BOX QA ENGINEER NEEDED ASAP!! (San Diego, CA) "

Colin Perkins

""This comedian has a point. Why can't we make the whole plane out of the black box?" --Worlds Worst Engineer"

HP for SmallBiz

"#HP Performance Advisor – Your Engineer in a Box: "

Laxmi Patel

"Hiring a White box QA Engineer in San Carlos, CA "

Mark Greenwood

"Freemake Music Box worth a try. Spotify without commercials. Great for sourcing music clips."

Rana Arifud Doula



"Crowd sourcing the Twitter box: what do you do to make yourself feel better when you feel ugly?"

Rhiannon Dosreis

"Form & Function Octagon 10-1/4-inch White Plastic Plates 48 Per Box: Creative Converting is a leading manufactur... "

Zane Findlay

"Senior Mining Engineer required - URGENT Coal mining experience - Opencast & Underground +- 10-15yrs experience See My Box for more details…"

Xander White

"Get home from a four-day weekend with #thetatau to a custom box of new LEGOs fresh from Denmark: yo-ho, an engineer's life for me!"

Jason Pittock

"@virginmedia It's working now, the box down the street needed fixing. Engineer just left. Thanks."

Alison Morris

"@SkyHelpTeam Hi. Google has failed me! If I don't have Sky Protect, how much does it cost to get an engineer to visit my poorly Sky+ box?"

Kevin Nicholson

"Fine up until now...Now the box of kleenex comes out...Clive Davis, the engineer behind this wonderful production...Well done!!! #WhitneyCNN"


"@aston2007lb i'm sweetening you up before I tell you an engineer is coming tomorrow to put the UPC box in your room. I forgot. So sorry 😳"

Nathaniel Sunga

"@masseffect Thank you for such a fantastic demo. Multiplayer is so addicting. Just one more Veteran box. Must unlock Quarian Engineer!"


"JobG8: Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer - Box Build/PCBA (San Jose, California) MISSING_ARG_APIKEY #Jobs"

Direct Sitters

"@neil_robertson How did it go with your @SkyHD engineer early this week? Did they manage to sort out the problem you had with your box?"


"lmao @iMa___Gee ---> “@KevinTheGawd: Professional box cutting engineer for Kroger”"

Wolf Halton


Bill Burnell

"Installing my new Sky+ BDAY box, who needs a sixty quid engineer."


"Technical Lead/Software Engineer/EMBEDDED LINUX/YORKS: Technical Lead - Embedded Software Engineer - SET TOP BOX... "