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Colin Perkins

""This comedian has a point. Why can't we make the whole plane out of the black box?" --Worlds Worst Engineer"

HP for SmallBiz

"#HP Performance Advisor – Your Engineer in a Box: "

Laxmi Patel

"Hiring a White box QA Engineer in San Carlos, CA "


"Every Adobe engineer who worked on Flash, which makes it impossible to Deny/Allow this dialog box, should be ashamed. "


"@Engineer_M_E 😱 that is huge. That's like the whole cereal box lol"

Pete Kinser

"RT @counternotions: Every Adobe engineer who worked on Flash, which makes it impossible to Deny/Allow this dialog box, should be ashamed. "

Bill Bell at NCSA

"From jet engines to the human voice box? "

Jobs4me San Diego

"[Adecco Staffing Services] Job: BLACK BOX QA ENGINEER NEEDED ASAP!! (San Diego, CA) "


"Crowd sourcing the Twitter box: what do you do to make yourself feel better when you feel ugly?"

Mark Greenwood

"Freemake Music Box worth a try. Spotify without commercials. Great for sourcing music clips."

Rana Arifud Doula


Rhiannon Dosreis

"Form & Function Octagon 10-1/4-inch White Plastic Plates 48 Per Box: Creative Converting is a leading manufactur... "

Neil Robertson

"Sky engineer came to replace Sky HD box in bedroom on Monday. Now we can't get HD channels in living room. What gives?"

Bethany Smith

"#sky is rubbish- box broke and no engineer till wed the earliest?!!! But what about the rugby mr skyman? What about that?! :("

Susanne Malabey

"QA Engineer white box (Thousand Oaks, CA) "

georgia smith

"Sky box hardrive is broken... My brother- the engineer- has a solution... Put it in the freezer... Hmm"

Dave Wright

"Engineer has arrived and now he's off tinkering in the green box. It would appear there's no internets coming down the pipe."


"White Box Quality Assurance Engineer | "

Vonic, Inc.

"Hiring a White Box Quality Assurance Engineer in San Francisco, CA "

Shalisha G. Smith

"I hope @Aggie_Engineer is not going to be mad that I cut off her box tops for education. It's for the kids though! "


"Using the Dyson Foundation's Engineering Box, students reverse-engineer a vacuum & investigate its mechanics: ]"

Kim van Vliet

"Looking for a QHSE Engineer (permanent job in Europe). Start asap. Thinking out of the box and in possiblities....: "

Patrick O'Meara

"I don't care if someone is an aerospace engineer, once they step foot into an airport their I.Q. sinks to that of a box of hair."

Kenton Loeffler

"NBC News engineer Tommy Perdikoylis developed a special camera to place in a ProFlowers box to …"

HP for SmallBiz

"Performance Advisor software automatically fine-tunes your #HP Workstation for optimal performance. Details here: "