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Luke Gardner

"@Aurist in other words, do awful garbage that no legit sound engineer would do. like a child trying to figure out how music production works"

Eric Zeigerman

"If a garbage man is called a sanitation engineer then im a street pharmacist!"

Jessica Chloe Olsen.

"Kevin: I should be sanitation engineer. I'm gonna be rich. Me: Did you know that it means Garbage man? Kevin: O: really? Everyone: HAHAHAHA."

Kameno Watson

"#HabitsFromSmitty ima sanitational engineer excecutive (pause) nigga you the garbage man!!!"

Lil J From Da Sipp

"a good engineer can make a garbage rapper sound great."

Josh Brown

"@ShoutnDwnDaPew Desmond .... go be a sanitation engineer (garbage man)"

Nick Fox

"Yal need to stop giving Exclusive titles to bullshit ass jobs! Example: Sanitation Engineer = garbage man... but them niggas get paid though"

Hendrik Oosenbrug

"@gregcondax Garbage man aka sanitary engineer #soundsbetter" jazz

"I Rap/Sing/Engineer do not send me no garbage ass BS !!"

Utah CTE

"Subject of today's #Career Brief is a Chemical #Engineer; still claims taking out garbage is smelliest job ever. ."

Naiti Agarwal

"Tea Boy:Refreshment Specialist(RS) Garbage Collector:Public Sanitation Engineer(PSE) Watchman:Theft Prevention &Surveillance Officer(TPSO) 4"


"#Confession-When I was in seventh grade my English teacher told me I would end up being a sanitation engineer (garbage man)"

Chris Carmichael

"RT @ChaseBowling: I'd rather be a sanitation engineer (garbage man) than a richmond police officer."

Nick Yonce

""I want to be a pediatrician, and if can't make it I'll be an engineer, and if that doesn't work, I'll just be a garbage man." #hannahquotes"

Paul Bays

"Saw the term "Marriage Equality" today... seems it means "gay marriage" I guess you can dress up anything...Sanitation engineer- Garbage man"

Hardly Recognisable

"I wouldn't wanna be a studio engineer, you probably have to sit and listen to so much garbage over and over again"

Karl Keen

"Calculus has blown my mind. Thinking about a career as a sanitation engineer aka garbage man"


"@JJ_Malcolm did you learn this on the link i sent you?!?!? haha, i knew you would love that garbage... #engineer #funfactqueen"

Spencer Adams

"#ThingsBlackFolksArgueAbout garbage man or sanitation engineer"

Chase Bowling

"I'd rather be a sanitation engineer (garbage man) than a richmond police officer."

Drew Rose

"Literally manufacturing garbage -- 5 Crap USB Gadgets The World Has Never Needed "


"You mean selling USG overpriced garbage? MT @justinjdc: talking about manufacturing while allowing US defense manufacturing to get slashed"

Adam Ashworth

"“@LPMcGuirk: Sat at work watching a clueless engineer scratching his head as my machine is in meltdown!!! #Earlyfinish” he is garbage"

Violet is the name:)

"The man next to me smells like he a sanitary engineer....(garbage man)"


"“@MyrYYZ: garbage man making 6 figures.............” - you mean sanitation engineer lol"