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Alex Chapman

"@AppOnline had probs 4 times with my oven since Oct AND engineer was supposed to have fixed this week. I'd like a permanent solution pls"

andy martindale

"I have one of those ridiculously long time slots where i have to wait indoors all day for an engineer. Oven broke, you know he wont show."

Sharon Bilsby-Vint

"Bottom #Oven not working dah! #Engineer booked, fingers crossed it just the #element @Kunsttischler"

kishore kumar

"Wealth Zone entering in manufacturing of Eco Friendly products like Paper and Non Oven Fabric products... "

Pasty Grieger

"Convection Oven, Timer/Continuous On, 4-Half Size Pans, 208/240 V: Holman Convection Oven, electric, countertop,... "

Eustolia Lindstrom

"Holman Convection Oven, Timer/Continuous On, 3 Half Size Pans, 120 V: Holman Convection Oven, electric, countert... "

World is Alive

"Batch Oven Cures Composite "

kishore kumar

"Friends...Glad to inform you all...Wealth Zone entering into manufacturing sector for Paper products and Non oven... "

Elisabeth Shrimpton

"The worst possible time for the oven to stop working!!!! Engineer hasn't turned up either...not a good start to the day!"