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Ané Strydom

"@leshonestliars My phone is gonezies :( I am busy sourcing for our shoot. Did you wanna meet up?"

Forwood Henry

"Need "SOFTWARE ENGINEER" MD (Phone Skype)"

George Karavelis

"Israeli's Egyptian spy network exposed. Jordanian engineer smuggled phone chips assisting Israelis intercept calls "

Hayley Hannah

"@SkyHelpTeam yes of course! It's been reset by your team and still doesn't work and that doesn't explain the phone. We need an engineer"

Facebook Indie Games

"Kudos to @pressplaygames for open sourcing their Unity > Windows Phone porting tool and helping their indie brethren fight the big boys."

The Burning Splint

"Was earlier sourcing from an OCPD over the phone guess what was his skiza tone? #Bonoko! *dead"

Martin Lee

"#schat Sourcing in the UK and Europe. We seem to do it different, we don't phone gatekeepers. #schat"


"«@ManuelOdeny Was earlier sourcing from an OCPD over the phone guess what was his skiza tone? #Bonoko! *dead»"


"@animal You're mighty welcome. It's posted at THE phone sourcing site MagicMethod. "

Sudan Ox

"In phone sourcing"semantic search"is that spidey-feeling that causes your instincts to step forward.4Qh1"

Joyce Akiko

"I don't have anything interesting to tweet today. Spent the day on phone calls. Did some strategical work for an HR product. Also sourcing."

lida moorer

"Sourcing for a Great Reverse Cell Phone Lookup Programs "

Amybeth Hale

"Rock on. I just met with my new staffing partner (also an 'Amy') & I will be sourcing program managers & UX peeps for Windows Phone"

Margarita Citizen

"Chief Electronics Engineer - "


"Sky repairs, upgrades, multiroom & advice. Private engineer, phone lines installed, tweet for details #Peacehaven #Brighton"

Mike Foxall

"@virginmedia got an engineer tomorrow, thanks though! He has our phone line to fix (again) too, busy day!"

Troyani Ustick

"Looking for a good Project Manager ideally mobile phone experience Fleet_Jobs CamberleyNews ENGINEER"

Xrecnet Jobs

"Requirement for IBM MDM Engineer with our client in OH, phone hire "


"@virginmedia after 12mins on the phone i finally got an ENGLISH speaking person that UNDERSTOOD what i was saying, now got engineer comin"

Infoway Software

"Looking for a Correction: J2EE Engineer....ClearCase/Buildforge.....PHONE HIRE in Westlake, TX "

Emma Pickering

"@virginmedia Yes, £10 p/m extra over last three months. Only just noticed. Phone line is broken too, engineer is booked. Not very happy!"


"@BTCare still having problems. Worked for a day (was working prior to engineer visit) Down again line is ok"

Michael Moore Jr.

"@megsuberant yea..last msg from you was that you'd engineer a phone call me, you and a third party. Just Waiting.."


"@virginmedia faults team just keep reseting over phone and say don't need engineer out. Each time they say won't happen again but.."


"Cheeky fucking cunt!! I just had a twat engineer give me a shitty time on the phone. Fucking bitch"