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"Victory! Found the same exact claddagh ring ive been wearing for yrs on interwebs for friend. Sourcing obscure items is my fav pasttime."

Payne Bros Uk Ltd

"Do you need a little help or just some freindly advice when sourcing catering products. Give us a ring and we'll help without obligation."

Angelo Fernandez

"Oh how the engineer in me loves this ring, pure genius "

Steve Davies

"@virginmedia didnt go well - engineer couldn't fix! Supposed to come back sat but never did. Supposed to ring - never did - piss poor"

Janet Kearns

"Waiting in for the sky engineer to ring me (second day in a row) not a very happy bunny"

⛄ Chill Clinton ⛄

"My Engineer Ring is too big. Just falls off my finger. Oh well."

Nadine Easter

"@SkyHelpTeam no I haven't but don't worry I'll ring the engineer."

Rajesh Borar

"This is how an engineer's wedding ring would look like! "

BU Engineering

"Today, 4p, PHO 406 & Atrium - Order of the Engineer Ceremony to recognize seniors' ethical responsibilities to society! "


"@nickbrompton looking for a 5 ring joke but quit on it. Also the heating has a leak somewhere alleged engineer visiting us tomorrow."

Ellie Collinson

"Ellie the engineer. Has a good ring to it"


"Just found out the cute engineer I work with has a wife and kid. He doesn't wear a wedding ring."

aya dalumpines

"That moment when you call the engineer and he has a ring back tone. A Tagalog hip hop song at that. LOL"

Yahya Remtulla

"A younger year engineer approaches one in 4B trying to disprove something they said. 4B one goes... "talk to me when you have a ring..."lol!"


"New contract position: Color Ring Back Tone Engineer - South Africa "


"@BET #MJorBron No dis to Bron. He's dope. But, he didn't engineer a championship team. He joined a manufactured one...that has a ring."

Charlotte Whitehurst

"@Ronan_McKenna we have a Virgin engineer coming tomorrow theyv admitted there's a problem u shud ring up!! X"

Becca Callanan

"@CSabean it's a ring canadian engineers can get to symbolize what being an engineer means. i get mine in 2 weeks!"

Princeton J.

"So Im an Electrical Engineer..... Has a nice ring to it"

Leslie Winkle ☺

"@N0L0VEL0ST_08 Mmmm Ms. Engineer has a nice ring to it lol and three times!!! Well damn did you say yes at least once?"

Rosie Harris

"@AndrewJamesEsq @misterhsk My grandma was an engineer on that ring road. I think it's genius! As long as you know how to drive properly.. ;)"


"Engineer been. Phone up and running, except it doesn't ring... Grrr."

Justin Caratzas

"@jpreyer OMG throwback. btw, I caught an engineer on your team using "Luchini" as their ring tone. #lovemyjob"

Andi Godfrey

"@darlingdog Oh! You mean the Engineer. I'll have to ring and find out but it sounds as if there has been a bit of bother"

Spalding Lisby

"Designing and Manufacturing Better Products Faster Using TRIZ (Ring-bound) "