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Sagar birla

"Having an 1TB external drive and 2-3 USB drives is the closest I could ever be to a Computer Science engineer."

Phylicia Showman

"4 Port USB 3.0 Hub: USB 3.0 Hub with 4 x ports to plug in your USB devices. Transfer speeds at up to 5Gbps. "

Phyllida Corkill

"STMICROELECTRONICS UNVEILS 10-MIP 8-BIT MCU WITH USB 2.0.: An article from: Electro Manufacturing: This digital ... "

Twana Wellborn

"Edifier Prime USB (M20) speaker: Following in Edifier's tradition for designing and manufacturing truly affordab... "


"@BBCRoryCJ check out Sony Erricson handset failure rates, especially the charging/USB port. SE deny any manufacturing faults and blame users"

Alex Sawyer

"@samsungsupport I think it's a manufacturing problem with the USB port. I need it replaced, but I am based in the UK. What can I do?"

Edward Jackson (ERL)

"New #job: USB, ARM, Lauterbach, Clearcase Support Engineer - Wireless,Germany .. "


"@bct_kdoerschner We engineer our waffles for maximum heat and power. We've even powered USB devices with Mega Berry. #Truth"


"USB Firmware Engineer - Full Time - Akron Ohio Area - Large Well Established Company: "


"@MuddledPuzzle Mini-USB? As an IT engineer, you should know that's hardly unique to BB or Samsung."